Automotive parts business

Machined parts

Izumi manufactures high-precision parts including core engine parts such as cam shafts and turbocharger parts, as well as our world’s best-selling car air conditioner compressor parts.

Engine related parts


Cam shafts

This is one of the parts that make up the engine, and is used to control intake and exhaust timing inside cylinders. They are rotated with power from the crank shaft, and are used to open and close the intake and exhaust valves.


Compressor housing and turbine housing

This is one of the parts that make up the turbocharger (supercharger). Izumi machines are used to machine the turbine housing which creates the route for converting exhaust gas flow to turbine rotation, and compressor housing which compresses intake air and feeds it to the engine.

Compressor related parts


Swash plates, lug plates, and SV vanes

These are parts which make up the compressor for car air conditioners.
They are important parts which use the engine rotation to compress refrigerant.
They are necessary to ensure stable performance under high-temperature, wide-range rotation, and strong vibration conditions.
In 2020, Izumi produced 13.27 million swash plates and lug plates, and 3.55 million SV vanes.

Strengths of automotive parts business

The basics of manufacturing (SEQCD) are enforced to benefit the customer based on revolutionary equipment and production lines constructed through the fusion of our automotive parts manufacturing business and machine tools business.

Manufacturing process flow

Cutting work is carried out using Izumi’s own lathes and machining centers, and lines are composed of a cutting process capable of delivering high, micron-level accuracy, special processes such as induction hardening, TIG hardening, and coating, and an inspection process.