President’s greetings

The development of civilization depends on the wisdom of people.
Our company was originally named Izumi Seisakusho (now Izumi Machine Manufacturing).
The Japanese word izumi, which means wellspring, was included in the name in the hope that people’s knowledge would overflow and burst forth like a wellspring of wisdom.
In the 70 years since then, we have steadily expanded our business in response to the changing times.
We are currently engaged in both the machine tool business and the automotive parts business as a member of Toyota Industries Corporation Group.
We have always striven to achieve a synergy between the two businesses by developing and designing easy-to-use high-performance machine tools with our firsthand knowledge of mass production and verification through actual use and also offering high-quality, low-cost automotive parts only made possible by using our own machine tools.
Our strength lies in our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, which enable us to handle the entire process, from equipment development and manufacturing to line installation and mass production.Drawing on wisdom that flows like a wellspring, we strive to further refine our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities.
As we seek to grow our business both in existing markets and new markets where electrification is advancing, we will promote carbon neutrality and efforts toward SDGs.
We have the goal of being a company where every member can feel growth and job satisfaction by contributing to building a sustainable society.

President and CEO
Nobutomo Yasui