Personal information protection policy

Izumi Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Izumi”) has a basic policy of business activities considerate of customer trust and satisfaction above all else, and recognizes that information entrusted to it that could be used to identify individuals (hereinafter “Personal Information”) is important property of customers that it should manage strictly, and that protecting Personal Information strictly is an essential condition for promoting corporate activities. Izumi handles and protects customers’ Personal Information carefully and appropriately as follows.

Range of customers’ Personal Information

Personal Information is information relating to the customer as an individual and includes: name, address, date of birth, gender, telephone number, email address, purchases made on Izumi’s site, access history to Izumi’s site as well as other numbers or codes used to identify the customer as an individual. In addition, Personal Information also includes information that by itself would not enable the identification of an individual, but could be easily verified through other information and used to identify an individual.

Identification of the purpose of use of Personal Information

Some of the pages on Izumi’s site ask for Personal Information aimed at the provision of services in line with customer requests. Izumi gathers and uses Personal Information entrusted by customers only within the scope considered necessary for achievement of the purposes clarified in advance. Please see “Identification of purposes of use” set out by Izumi below with regard to purposes of use.

Identification of purposes of use

The purposes of use of Personal Information on the “Inquiries” page (download catalog, adoption consultation, overhaul, repairs / inspections / supplies, request materials, trial production / demonstration, relocation / exports, other) are as follows.

  • Izumi uses Personal Information for answering questions, posting materials and other documents, communication on content checks.

  • Information may be forwarded to the person in charge at Izumi in accordance with the content.

In addition, information that does not include Personal Information may be used for the following purposes.

  • Izumi uses information as a reference for work improvements or product development.

  • Izumi may also use information as a reference when producing the content on its site.

Provision of Personal Information to third parties

Izumi manages the Personal Information it collects appropriately and will not modify, display or provide Personal Information to any third party without the permission of the customer. However, this shall not apply in the following cases.

  • Cases where a name and address are provided to a company consigned with delivering items

  • Cases where there is a proper request for Personal Information from a public organization as stipulated by law

  • Cases where provision is necessary to protect the life, health, assets and other interests of the customer

Protection of personal information at consigned businesses

Izumi may consign the business of processing, etc., Personal Information to an outside company, limited to the business of Izumi relating to the above.
When Izumi consigns such work, it will select a company that can offer adequate protection of Personal Information and will oblige that company to supervise Personal Information and otherwise take the best appropriate measures to prevent the leakage or falsification of information. In addition, Izumi may request a company to which it has consigned business to respond to an inquiry from a customer when Izumi determines that it is appropriate to do so.

Protection of Personal Information and appropriate controls

Izumi will not provide Personal Information obtained from customers to any third party, with the exception of the relevant companies consigned to do business for Izumi as described above. In particular, Izumi will never lend or sell personal information to a third party, or conduct similar activities with any type of personal information broker or any third party other than those described above.
Izumi will implement security and other safety measures to ensure the accuracy and safety of Personal Information, and will protect Personal Information from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. In addition, when there is a need for improvements due to security incidents or at the request of customers or companies we do business with, Izumi will strive to make such corrections or improvements quickly and take preventive steps.

Disclosure, correction, etc., of Personal Information

If Izumi is requested by a customer or their representative to disclose or correct (meaning correct, add, delete, stop using, erase or stop providing personal information to a third party) Personal Information, Izumi will respect the wishes of the customer and respond as stipulated by law within a reasonable scope and time frame. However, if the deletion of Personal Information would infringe a legal obligation to retain information, Izumi may not be able to respond to a request.

Observance of law and the maintenance and improvement of measures to protect Personal Information

Izumi observes all applicable Japanese laws relating to Personal Information and its management, and ensures that Izumi’s management systems comply with laws and regulations relating to Personal Information at all times. In addition, Izumi reviews its management systems continuously through internal audits and management review opportunities and strives for their improvement. Please be advised that on such occasions, this may result in changes to the details of Izumi’s Privacy Policy.
Please note that if Izumi makes changes to this Privacy Policy, they will go into effect at that time.

October 31, 2012