Friction welding machines for Piston rods

2FW060HS-A, 2FW080HT, 2FW120HT

This large friction welding machine series was developed mainly for piston rods.

External photo of 2FW120HT

External photo of 2FW120HT

Representative parts

Piston rods for hydraulic cylinders

Piston rods for hydraulic cylinders

Cylinders for construction equipment, truck rollers, turbine rotors, rear axle shafts, inboard joints, surface rollers, copy rollers


Bonding of large-diameter, long parts is possible.

Improved productivity

  • Parts are set quickly and with ease using rod and head (material) mounting device.

  • Quality can be controlled with a PC-based quality assurance device (condition management visualization, waveform display function).

  • Unmanned operation and automation are possible when used in conjunction with an auto loader.

Improved quality

  • Ideal, high-durability is obtained for “weld penetration” of bonded parts.

  • Thermal distortion is minimal, and high dimensional accuracy is obtained.

  • No spatter is produced, resulting in clean finishing.

Cost reductions

  • The machine is equipped with a cutting device, eliminating the need for a deburring post-process.

  • Thermal distortion is minimal, eliminating the need for rod head correction.

  • Power consumption is 1/5 to 1/20 of that of other welding methods.

Improved environment

  • CO2 emissions can be reduced.

  • No toxic substances such as sparks or gas are produced.

We customize products in line with your company’s requests

Examples of typical options that can be installed on 2FW120HT
[1] Cutting tools [2] Workpiece supply device [3] Workpiece delivery device [4] Steady rest

Option examples

Cutting tools

[1] Cutting tools

Removes burrs produced during pressure welding.

Workpiece supply device

[2] Workpiece supply device

Rods head can be easily mounted on the spindle chuck.

Workpiece delivery device

[3] Workpiece delivery device

Finished pressure welded parts are automatically unloaded to the prescribed position.

Machine specifications

Model 2FW060HS-A 2FW080HT 2FW120HT
Maximum thrust At the time of generating frictional heat (kN) 250 405 950
At the time of applying upset pressure (kN) 500 755 1696
Pressure welding capacity (mild steel round bar) (mm) φ25~φ60 φ40~φ80 φ45~φ120
Maximum dimensions of materials to be mounted Rotating side (mm) φ60×150 φ80×150 φ120×160
Fixed side (mm) φ60×1,500 φ80×1,500 φ120×2,300
Slide travel (mm) 500 500 500
Spindle Rotating speed (rpm) 1,500 1,000 600
Motor output (kW) 55 75 90
Gross weight (ton) 10 25 29
Floor space occupancy (m) 4.7×2.7 6.8×3.1 7.7×3.6


External dimension drawing

External dimension drawing

Examples of Other Fields / Merits

Odd-shape reinforcing bar joints
Odd-shape reinforcing bar joints


Piston rods
Piston rods


Rear axle shafts
Rear axle shafts


Turbine wheel shafts
Turbine wheel shafts


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